About us

“Our team provides solutions to encourage self care for the individual with the understanding that our body, mind and spirit are unique”

Making the right choice for you!

We provide the tools you select the change.

We are not professionals offering you solutions. We research valuable information about cooking, dining and food facts on a regular basis and present the facts. Allowing you to choose your own mission to self care.

“We saved a seat for you!”

We give you the tools to design a healthy menu for the entire family

About me

Hello my name is Catherine and this is not my kitchen. My kitchen is located in Ottawa Ontario. I was raised in a low income housing project called Penny Drive along with my five siblings. I am now in my 50’s and raised 4 beautiful children. I am also a grandmother of two beautiful grandsons.

I always loved joining my mother in the kitchen as she baked our school snacks and cooked affordable meals. I promised her that one day I was going to run my own restaurant.

That’s why I am here. After life threw me a few curve balls I realized owning my own restaurant was going to be impossible. That was until social media made it possible.

My kitchen is unique and filled with endless possibilities. I can have over a million guests at one time but only if you join me.

I promise you some great meals, a diet you can plan yourself and most of all the best table guests for great conversation. So please pull up a chair and join me in the kitchen today!

Our Mission

To provide individuals an opportunity to design a unique Kitchen experience that encourages a healthier diet.

Our Vision

We are working towards a new and innovative way for families to design a diet that suits their health and wellness.