Cathy's Crazy Kitchen

There is so much controversy about fruits and vegetables and we are hear to share the facts.

You may not need those vitamins that your taking everyday. Find out how they are working for your body.

Spices and herbs can lose their flavor if you add them too soon. We share the best times to bring out their flavor.

“Our research shares quick and easy to read information about the ingredients you use in your kitchen. The purpose of this content is to provide information that can be used for education purposes, cooks, diets, nutrition facts or relevance to home cooks searching for new and unique styles of cooking and preparing meals.”

Inspiring a community that shares a passion for food!

Cathy’s Crazy Kitchen considers all online content as part of our research to ensure you are enjoying a full experience of fun, learning and socializing in our kitchen. Our goal is to help inspire and inform anyone who has an interest in the food they are preparing, eating or serving.

Cathy’s Crazy Kitchen promises to continue adding new content daily or as often as our schedule permits. This is a great opportunity to enhance your skills and knowledge or be inspired about food.

This site offers a unique and personal experience for our followers. Enjoy a full experience in Cathy’s Crazy Kitchen so you can serve your knowledge at the next dinner party or write the perfect content for your essay. We are not just a recourse page, we are a community that shares a passion for food.

Nutrition First

Our information is to provide you with a better understanding about how your body is working for you and your diet. We research the facts about your health and diet to encourage a better lifestyle. Our charts and Blogs are designed to save you valuable time when searching online for a quick fact. We are not professionals but take pride in offering the best and most common research from a variety of sites found online. This content is not to be used as a medical guide or any related medical questions. Remember to always ask your physician for medical advice.

“Special delivery of knowledge, fun and great conversation”

Table Talk

There’s a special seat waiting for you at our dinner table. Bring your favorite recipe or join the conversation. You never what we will be talking about but we promise to help you bring the conversation to the next dinner party. Party favors that bring social media to a new level.

lemon loaf

Food Gallery

“Cathy, Cathy so strong and able get your elbows off the table”

Don’t get caught with your mouth full

Cathy’s Crazy Kitchen is Featuring our favorite guest photo’s of the month in our food gallery. We need your photo’s and in return we will share your link on our page. In the meantime why not check out our food gallery and enjoy some photo’s of my 2 year old grandson as he bakes up some delicious lemon loaf for the next dinner party.

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